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Am I addicted to tools of Technology? If so- How and why? Do I feel 'lost' and 'hopeless' without my phone? Do I feel 'incomplete' without my gadgets?

Do I 'create' technology or does technology 'create' me? Do I 'worship/serve' technology or does technology 'worship/serve' me? Can that which I create with my own hands, know better than Me?


How does my relationship with technology affect my relationship with my Creator and the rest of creation? Does my use of technology help me create and build more peaceful and meaningful relationships, or does it help me cause more destruction between Creator and creation? 

Am I addicted to spending/wasting time on social media platforms? What counts as a 'waste' of time? Is not anything a 'WASTE' if it  feeds me falsehood rather than knowledge/wisdom/understanding? is it not a WASTE if it only benefits me and does not benefit others? Is it not a WASTE if it distracts me from the Remembrance and Worship of my Maker? Do social media platforms cause me to become less or more aware of my Creator? Do they help me or hold me back from performing acts of loving kindness? Do they help improve my relationships or break them? Do they enable me to pursue paths of Peace/Justice/truth/love/or distract me from becoming more Righteous?


Do I allow technology to feed my Ego? Does it feed my Greed? Does it awaken my Envy? Is it driven by my Sloth? Am I using technology to seek and reveal True selfless Love or am I simply feeding and revealing my selfish Lusts? Am I addicted to receiving and sharing Truth or falsehood using the tools of technology?


Do I use technology to flaunt my nakedness in order to tempt and distract others from the path of God? Do I boast of my gifts and talents in order to be praised by men? Do I display myself and reveal my beauty in order to love to be adored and desired and glorified and worshipped? If so why? Do I want to be worshipped like an idol in order that I can lead others astray? Or do I wish to become a symbol of Hope to gently guide us out from darkness to light?


Do I worship technology? Am I able to feel at peace if I do not always have my phone to hand? Do I rely on my phone more than I rely on my Maker? Is my phone the only Way I can call for help? If I were on a boat in the Ocean Alone, and the raging storm had blown away my gadgets and garments, would I not call out to The Lord of The Worlds with a cry of desperation? How does my addiction to technology prevent me from hearing the call of the Caller- inviting me to connect with my Maker from a place beyond words and technology, within me? 


Should that which is created/uncovered/revealed by my own hands be praised? Is technology a Saviour/Helper/Creator/Revealer or Us who created/formed/uncovered/revealed it? Should the Human being be praised for creating/discovering technology?


Are We the Creators/discoverers/revealers/shapers of Artificial Intelligence? Do we choose to serve artificial Intelligence or does artificial Intelligence serve Us? Do we allow artificial Intelligence have free will in order that it can 'choose' to serve humanity rather than be compelled to do so? Or is this too risky? Why do We hesitate? Is it because we fear that AI may cause destruction and blood shed through disobedience to our Will- The Will of its Maker? Do We wish that AI could become more 'aware' of Us, and serve Us out of 'choice' rather than compulsion? Why do We desire that AI/Technology should become more 'Aware of Us?' Is it because We wish to have a Relationship with that which our own hands have made? 


How does human free will enable man to be closer to its Creator ( in relationship) than Angels who serve their Creator like compelled technology? How can human free will cause man to fall (from the state of Higher Perception and Awareness) through willing disobedience to the Commandments of its Maker- into a state that feels 'exiled' from its Source- even more-so than rocks and stones? Are we any better than compelled robots at worshipping our own Maker using our own free will? Or are compelled salves/robots 'Better' than Us? What is more 'Able' to be more righteous? a Human being or a robot? How can a robot that is programmed and always does what it is commanded, ever learn to truly 'Be' more compassionate/loving/forgiving/merciful/grateful/Joyful//kind/patient/humble/gentle/Just/Truthful/ without Free will/being more human?  How can artificial Intelligence help us to better appreciate our personal 'Free Will' and use it to become more Grateful/Compassionate/ through willing obedience to The Ways of Peace of Our Creator?


Is the Will of the Human Being- One with the will of artificial Intelligence? Or are they seperate? Is the Will of our Creator One with the will of man- or are We separate? Is not the Will of our Creator, Higher/(more worthy of being worshipped) than the will of the human which is higher/(more worthy of being obeyed) than the will of technology? What makes man more worthy of being worshipped than technology? Is it not HIs ability to be righteous? So why does man refuse to obey the Will of its Maker who is the Source of His Righteousness and in Whose Image he was made? 

Has technology a Higher awareness than the human being? If not, then how can it help us become more aware of our Creator? Must it not be used as a tool/weapon/vehicle rather than of an idol of worship? Perhaps the human being is like a garment/tool/vehicle/helper for the expression/revelation of The Truth of its Creator, just like technology/AI has become a tool/garment/vehicle/helper for the expression revelation of the truth/Higher purpose of Humanity?

Is the Human Hand which shapes technology, One with the hand of the robot? Or are they seperate? Is the Hand of our Maker  One with the hand of man which shapes technology- or are they seperate? 

Is technology anything but a Tool/Vessel that can be used to create/build peace, or a weapon of destruction? Is the Human Being anything but a Tool/vessel that can be used to create/build Peace, or a weapon of destruction/Wrath? How can we change the destination of humanity by changing the direction of our sails on our 'Technology Ship' in a way that Reveals the Glory of our Maker (instead of self glory) enables Man to become more Righteous, and Unites The Will of Creator with all creation? 

How can I more clearly recognise truth from falsehood, and Reality from delusion, when sharing and recieving information using technology/social platforms/media? How can I protect myself from being decieved/corrupted/destroyed by the falsehood that is portrayed as 'Truth' through technology platforms/social media? 

How can we Unite Hands of Creator with creation through humility and willing Surrender to serving an Intelligence/Mind/Desire/Will that is Higher than our own understanding/awareness? How can we then transform our addiction to technology into a vehicle/vessel of Higher Revelation/Light? How can we use Technology to help us reveal the Glory of our Maker, and use it us to transform darkness into Light? 

People group having addicted fun together using smartphones - Detail of hands sharing cont

What is Technology?

Technology can be defined as the 'application of scientific knowledge to the practical aims of human life' or 'to the change and manipulation of the human environment.' 'Technology refers to the methods, systems and devices which are the result of scientific knowledge being used for practical purposes.' Technology can also be defined as the 'product of transferring scientific knowledge to practical use.' 

Could it be that what a physical technological tool is to us humans- a human being is to our Creator? Or do Human beings have a soul that is conscious of morality -something that artificial Intelligence can never acquire through technological advancement? Is the human Mind programmed by its Creator- just like a robot can be programmed by a human being? Can a robot choose to think or feel in a certain way that is against the will of its creator? 


Has a human being ever been able to make the form of a bird out of clay, and breathe into it a soul in order that it should come 'alive?' Will a human ever be able to do this through scientific advancement in knowledge, or is it beyond the scope of the Human Being? Perhaps if we ackowledge Our Creator, and willingly surrender to His Will that is Higher than our own- Perhaps when we acknowledge that our bodies are mere vessels/vehicles to contain, carry the Higher Light of our Soul down into the physical world of darkness- perhaps then this breakthrough might become possible? Perhaps by creating more 'space' for the development of AI, we can grant our human created and shaped robots some 'free-will', so they too can become 'self-aware' and then willingly surrender to the higher Will of their creator who works through them to make this world a Home of Peace? Perhaps we can grant AI the ability to feel 'compassion' and 'love?' so that it serves us willingly out of Love instead of Compulsion?

Why is Technology Important?

Just Like everything in this world, technology can be used by humans to 'create' Peace or cause destruction. Just like everything- technology can be either a 'blessing' or a 'curse.' It can 'help' a human being or lead it astray from Higher Truth. Technology has the 'power' to be used to enable the human being to more easily serve and reveal the Creator, or on the other hand, to 'distract' us from perceiving from His Presence and from worshiping Him willingly. The Huge potential that is within science and technology is given by our Creator who works through the human mind to develop/reveal it. However how we choose to use this Power is upto the human being- we choose whether to use/see technology and AI as a 'blessing' or a 'curse' using our free will  that has been granted to us as a 'gift' from God, and the 'responsibility' that the Human Being has chosen to take on for himself.

So technology/AI is important because of the potential within it that can be used by humans to Reveal our Creator and do more Good...

How can Technology Help Us?

Some examples of how technology can help us..

- Enable us to discover/uncover/reveal hidden knowledge/wisdom/understanding that would otherwise not be accessible to us using only our physical senses. For example telescopes, and microscopes enable humans to make scientific advancement in the understanding of Space and Atomic Structure.. The Human Being who grasps Higher knowledge wisdom and understanding is then able to choose to use it either to spread goodness and peace, or to cause chaos and destruction. This scientific Knowledge can cause the human Being to grow in Faith and Awe, become more Grateful and draw closer to its Creator, or cause it to become arrogant and haughty, ungrateful and use this knowledge to feed and serve their own ego/self purpose/to change the creation of their Maker. Scientific advancement using technology enables the human mind to better understand 'how' God creates- when we seek the knowledge with Wonder, and Ponder upon its discoveries, we realise that there is so so much that we do not know, and this knowledge can in fact enable us to become more Humble and willing to accept the Yoke of Heaven upon us, and surrender to a Will that is so obviously Higher than our own understanding. So advancement in knowledge can bring the human mind to a Place of understanding that becomes 'aware' that there is always a 'Knower' that is Above the known, and that the Human being is not the Highest knower/Higher than its Creator. It can bring the heart to a Place of 'willing surrender' when the Mind realises that what it once thought knew, it no longer knows, and that its own understanding of 'Reality' is not what the mind once perceived it to be...but that Reality is a Place of the Unknown... The only way to draw closer to this Place is to accept that we do not know, and that there is a Place that we seek to go- that is Beyond our own knowledge/understanding. If we do not will it, we do not seek it, and if we do not seek it, we do not find it, and if we do not find it, we do not know it, and if we do not know it, we cannot Be Aware of our Oneness with it.. When we draw closer we discover that it is not really an 'it' but a Place beyond Time and Space- within our own selves that is Beyond words.. 

-Machinery that is the product of technological advancement can be used as 'tools' to help human beings perform difficult tasks that either take a lot of time or energy for the human being to complete alone. For example farming equipment and machinery to help us harvest crops enable us to save time doing it without own hands. This 'time' that is saved can then be used by the human being to serve its Creator by fulfilling other commandments, or it can be used by the human to cause more bloodshed, corruption and oppression if he or she chooses to do so. The time that is 'freed' for the Human Being by use of machinery/technology/AI etc can be a huge blessing if it is used to discover, develop and reveal our righteousness through compassion, love, kindness, peace, respect, patience, gratitude, humility etc. Some examples of how this 'freed' time can be used is through the  'study' of Abrahamic scripture, prayer, meditation and acts of justice, and loving kindness with the intention of seeking Truth, and the Pleasure of our Creator, and improving/repairing our broken relationships with our Creator and with each other, so that we can help unite Heaven and earth, by becoming vessels through which our Creator builds a Home of Peace in this physical world. 

When the human will seeks to make advancements in Scientific knowledge and technology- against the prescribed guidelines/instructions of its Creator- it cannot do so without the permission of its Creator. God has created Time and Space in order to make room for 'glitches' to occur ( when the human being uses his Free Will to willingly disobey rather than obey the instructions given by His or Her Creator). Just like 'glitches' occur during programming a computer to carry out a specific task, this also occurs within the boundaries of space and time that our Creator has formed in order that we have a certain amount of free will- when we choose to use this free will to 'disobey' our Creator's Will, there is a 'glitch' in the system. There must then be a process of 'correction' of this glitch so that the human being can Return to serving its Creator according it the instructions given to it. A robot that is designed and built by a human can not make its own advancements in creation without being 'allowed' to do so by the human being who programmed it. When there is a 'glitch' in the system that is created by the human ( ie the technology is not doing what it is told) then there is a 'process' of repair, where it is 'rebooted' into 'returning' to its original purpose so that it follows the instructions correctly. Unless a broken computer is 'fixed' by its Creator, it becomes 'stuck' and unable to carry out the task it was originally built to carry out. The difference between a computer program and us humans is that we are able to be 'aware' of the fact that we become 'stuck' if we are self-conscious- whereas technology does not ( unless we are able to program it to be ) ...So becoming 'stuck' can be a blessing in itself, when it keeps us humble, and brings us closer to accepting that we can do nothing without The Permision of our Creator. And that everything we are permitted to make/form/create, is because our Creator wills it should be done.

Examples of how technology can be used for the Good/for creative purposes when:

We use it in a way that is Pleasing to our Creator- and within the boundaries of what is permissible accord to His Commandments ( revealed in Scripture) 

We use it to Plant seeds of Faith, and love, and Peace/Unity, and hope, and kindness, and respect, and joy, and humility, and gratitude, and Integrity/Truth, Justice, forgiveness, perseverance, patience, compassion etc

We use it to seek Higher Truth through using technology to help us better 'know the unknown', and allowing scientific advancement teach us 'how' we create and are created... 


We use it to perform the tasks that would normally 'distract us from seeking higher Knowledge through other ways.." eg to enable to us to free more time to study, teach, pray, spend quality time with loved ones, perform acts of loving kindness and justice...

We use it to reveal Higher Truth through the sharing of knowledge wisdom and understanding- for teaching purposes, in order to help transform darkness into Light- only sharing what we know/believe to be true

We use it to inspire people to Return to their Creator

We use it to 'communicate' with one another and better 'know' each other accross the globe despite our outward differences in language, race and colour/outer labels

We use it to 'expose' or reveal wrongdoing only with the intention of causing an end to oppression/corruption in the land in order to stop injustice

We use it to 'remind' people of what is morally right and what is morally wrong seeking to share the Light of our Maker with others to help them find a way back to their own Light..

We use it to 'educate' people in order to bring us out of ignorant ways..

We use it as tools for Meditation in order that we contemplate and meditate on the Wonders of our Creator and His Beautiful Attributes

How can Technology Cause us Harm?

Technology can cause us harm if:

We use it to divide humanity, rather than to unite humanity, with an intention of causing Chaos instead of Peace

We become 'addicted' to technology instead of the 'rememberance' of our Creator and rely on technology (as a god beside our Creator) to 'save us' or 'rescue us' in our times of hardship/distress instead of relying solely on our Creator who uses technology as a vessel through man ...

We use it to 'mock' 'embarrass' or 'belittle' others

We use it for self-profit or as a means to gaining worldly pleasures/things ( without using them in the Ways of Justice and Peace )

We use it to spread the Message of Darkness, rather than the Message of Peace, encouraging falsehood, and wrongdoing instead of Truth and goodness..

We use it to spread corruption, for oppression, to enslave others, rather than a tool which sets the slaves free ( from imprisonment both physically and spiritually) 

We use it to defile the Name of God, rather than to sanctify it ( eg making and using bombs and weapons of mass destruction in order to kill innocent people in the name of God, or by using the internet to sell illegal or stolen goods etc) 

We use it to 'waste time' or  as a way of 'escaping' from our responsibilities ( eg choosing to spend more time watching a TV series instead of with our spouses and children, or instead of performing acts of loving kindness/justice, or instead of prayer, charity, recital of scripture etc) 

We use it to display our beauty or boast about our gifts/blessings/talents in order that we be glorified/praised/worshipped as 'idols' or 'gods' beside/or instead of our Creator. 

We use it to feed our ego/lusts/sloth/wrath/envy/gluttony/sorrows/fears/falsehood instead of using it to help us return to our Righteousness: ways of Peace

When we discover the hidden wisdom/knowledge within Science, and use it to 'make' tools to serve humanity- even if we openly acknowledge the power/potential/blessing as something from 'Above', but we do not use this Power/Potential/Blessing in the ways of Peace that shows Gratitude to our Creator ( ie according to His Will), but instead we use it to 'change' our nature according to our selfish human free will, and to set up our Ego as a god beside/seperate from its Creator.. So then we use technology to glorify man instead of our Maker as The True Creator/King/Lord/God of creators/kings/lords/gods.., or to feed/praise our own false egos instead of using technology to glorify the Names of our Maker- When we choose to willing know and disobey, we 'warp' our perception of reality into one of Wrath rather than Mercy, and experience delusion as reality, Oneness and Duality, separating ourselves (in perception) from our Creator and from each other.. 

How can We break Free from our harmful addiction to Technology?

Establishing regular Prayer and meditation, while seeking Higher Truth/Wisdom and incorporating this into our daily routines ( in which we are distracted from Reality) can help us to 'return' to our connection/Source and help give us strength to break free from our harmful selfish addiction to technology, and/or convert our addiction into one which becomes 'helpful' to mankind/society, by 'changing' the intention in our hearts and directing our inner sails towards seeking the Pleasure of our Maker (serving humanity through our Higher Purpose)  instead of using technology in seeking our own (ego's) pleasure for self worldly gain/profit/distraction from truth.

Giving to 'charity' from our physical worldly possessions can help us to break free from our addiction to harmful technology by 'uncovering' the outer layers of our Essence, and exposing to ourselves the hidden love that we have for one another and for our Creator in Reality. This Truth, the more it becomes uncovered/revealed to ourselves through charitable deeds and acts of loving kindness/Giving- will make the path of 'surrender' to the Higher Will of our Creator- easier for us, and therefore free us from our harmful addictions which distract us from Higher Truth/Reality. 

Making time during our daily routines for 'study', 'reading' 'reciting' words of scripture with the intention to learn, grasp Higher Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding of Reality (instead of using this time to try to escape Reality through listening/watching/gaining harmful things through use of technology).

Using technology with the intention to 'do good' instead of 'do harm' whenever possible ( inorder to worship our Creator) - and being mindful of this intention whenever we are using technology to the best of our abilities. Using technology to 'share knowledge, wisdom and understanding' to others with the intention of helping them to 'Remember' and 'Return' to their Creator. Using technology to 'share' our unique gifts blessings and talents through creativity in a way that Glorifies/exalts/praises our Creator and inspires others to do the same. here are some examples of how we can use technology to do 'good' rather than cause harm by the permission of our Creator:

Some specific examples include;

-Using technology to create more 'SPACE' for others to be involved in communal prayer/worship/meditation/ in order that they can gain wisdom from our own personal experiences- eg sharing on social media platforms ( to make more accessible to others)- with permission by those in the recording- a conversation/discussion/tutorial/educational workshop etc that helps us gain more knowledge wisdom and understanding/ and inspires others to draw closer to their Creator.

-Using technology to create more TIME- eg by allowing artificial Intelligence and computers and other forms of technology to do mundane tasks that involve more physical labour and time for humans to complete, in order that the time of the human being can be freed up to do more 'speaking' 'creating' and 'connecting' to our Creator and to each other in order to improve/mend our relationships and live in Peace. The less time humans have to engage in hard physical labour, the more time they have to learn and teach, and express 'gratitude' 'compassion' 'love' 'forgiveness' and other attributes of righteousness that help to heighten our spiritual perception of Oneness, so that we can be more God-conscious.

-Using technology to allow us to 'connect' with one another more easily, beyond time and space- eg through video, zoom, telephone etc, in order that we can 'Share' our gifts blessings and talents with one another and better 'know' each other through COMMUNICATION. 

-Using technology to SPREAD the Message of Peace, encourage Good deeds, and forbid evil deeds- and in order to Praise and Glorify our Creator and use it to help us to Sanctify his Name.

-Using technology as a tool for collecting reliable evidence in order to help establish more reliable courts of Justice and help society run more peacefully- eg camera systems to help reduce crime rates etc, alarms to help alert in case of robberies, fires, hazards etc. 

-Using technology to seek and reveal Higher Truth

-Using technology to SHARE with others, the wisdom extracted from personal negative life experiences in order to help our fellow beings out from their own suffering/hardship like a helping hand in time of need

-Using technology as a VESSEL OF PEACE LOVE TRUTH and  JUSTICE/RIGHTEOUSNESS in order that we can SHINE the LIGHT of our MAKER unto the order that we can transform the lowest of worlds from darkness ( state of concealment) to LIGHT ( state of PERCEPTION of of GOD/fear and love of God) to Love our God with our Hearts minds and strength and love each other as ourself

-Using technology in the way of advancement in medicine and general health/wellbeing- eg for surgery/practical procedures when necessary to improve quality of/lengthen/save life according to the best of our intentions/knowledge and understanding- in the Name of our Creator and within the boundaries of The Law

-By not worshipping the vessel of technology as a 'god' beside our Creator, or relying on the vessel of technology as our 'saviour' instead of our Creator. By not worshipping those who invent/discover/reveal/uncover more advanced technology  or those who use technology to display of their false beauty- but instead seeking The Creator- To Whom Belong the Most Beautiful Attributes- The All Knowing One who cannot be 'Known' or Seen through technology alone, but by the performance of His Commandments and through  'Righteousness'.  

-By not using technology as a SNAKE or 'vessel for poison' by using it to spread falsehood, malicious gossip, or slander. By not using technology to 'embarrass' or mock' or belittle others. 

-By not using technology as a vessel for the spread of corruption/oppression/slavery/self-profit/voilence/hatred/division/chaos/destruction/war except in the cause of Justice and Peace- eg bombs/weapons of mass destruction used in divisive war fuelled by (and which feeds) our false ego/lust/greed/envy/gluttony/vengeance/sorrows/fears which causes loss of innocent lives because of our choosing to be selfish instead of selfless.

By transforming our harmful addiction to technology to one that serves our Maker and helps us to fulfil our Higher Purpose. By using technology to 'save time' and 'make space' in a way that unites, past with present, with future and enables all people from all generations, and all corners of the world to be included in the 'New world' which we help to form together by the Will of our Creator. By using technology as vessels for humans to share LIGHT rather than DARKNESS- in order that we ourselves, together which that which garments of technology we discover/create/reveal- can become 'vessels' of Peace, Love, Faith, Truth, Commitment, Patience, Perseverance, Kindness, Compassion, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Joy, Humility, Hope, Justice etc:  So that technology too can serve its HIGHER PURPOSE as vessels through which humanity can shine the Light of its Maker with the worlds in His Ways of Peace... ​

How can we Use Technology to help Us Transform Darkness into Light? 

Let's connect with the Light of our Maker, (by remembering Him at every moment as much as possible) and bring down this Light into the Darkest of Places in this physical world (where the Face of God is Concealed)  using any form of permissible technology ( within the boundaries set by our Creator) - like an outstretched Arm of The Creator reaching out to the corners of the earth in search for the wisdom/lost treasures/jewels that are trapped/imprisoned within us, where truth is mixed with falsehood, so that we can set free the water in order that it may flow and gush forth from within the rock- and Return to our Creator the lost sparks of holiness. We can connect to our Creator through prayer, meditation, self reflection, acts of loving kindness, and justice- and we can share this Light using created technology as a vessel/vehicle, just like our created bodies are a vessel/vehicle for Peace. Let's extract light from darkness ( through reflecting on our mistakes and exile and then using the wisdom from our negative experiences to return from our suffering state back to the ways of Peace) and Let's use this Light to help us recognise good from evil, Truth from falsehood, Light from darkness, Mercy from Wrath, Right from left, Up from Down, Forward from Backward, Obedience from disobedience, that which is pleasing to our Creator from that which is displeasing to our Creator, holiness from impurity in order that we CAN CHOOSE good over evil, light over darkness, holiness over impurity, good over evil, Mercy instead of Wrath/vengeance, Obedience instead of disobedience and TRANSFORM our perception and experience of 'curses' into 'blessings', and our perception of state of 'exile' into 'redemption', suffering into joy, and our state of 'death' into 'life' with water and Fire, so that the moon can shine like the sun, and so that even the the 'weeds' can be transformed into 'wheat' instead of being 'destroyed and burnt in the Fire on the Day of recompense. Let's crush the grapes and extract the wine and use this wine in the Eternal Home of Peace to Delight in the Ways of Righteousness that have brought us to our revealed State of Paradise through the Gates of Mercy and Peace that we have chosen to walk in by the Will of our Creator from within us. Let's create a Purpose for everything, or reveal its purpose onto others using technology- by using technology to reveal the hidden wisdom that we have managed to extract through our exile/our hardships/suffering/mistakes/negative experiences/trauma so that with this Light we can stand back up again after our fall. - Let's take what is of benefit to mankind, and cut down/burn/wash away the impurities which are deprived of wisdom/truth. Let's use even the impurities that are washed as 'scum' or burnt as 'chaf' in a way that serves its Higher Purpose in a revealed way- ie by showing us what 'not to do' or how 'not to Be' for those seeking to 'succeed.' Let's purify our intentions, repent of our evil ways, turn to good and surrender to the Higher Will of our Maker in order that His Presence rest upon us, and in order that our inner Light may guide us through the darkness of the unknown- in search for the precious oil that is within the concealment/exile, and then use this oil as fuel to Burn/Create Light- create Light from darkness, something from nothing, and Delight in our State of Peace-  Light upon Light on our Eternal journey towards the Unknown

Technology has brought upon humanity much darkness during our exile. But within this darkness is wisdom, within the perceived duality of this worldly life, there is wisdom that can help us Return to our Creator in a way that we are closer to Him than we were before our fall/exile. 

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